Happy Memorial Day! BBK Wealth Weekly Updates

Happy Memorial Day!!!

We are blessed to live in this country each and every day.  We have a strong and brave history to reflect upon.  Amazing men and women have left our lives defending the peace and happiness too often taken for granted.   Let today be the day you try to spend a moment remembering a veteran, friends or relatives, and offer up a prayer for those whose bravery we rely.

Tyler Smith

BBK Founder


What are you doing tonight?

Lafayette Citizens Band is performing tonight Monday May 30th @ 7:30PM in Riehle Plaza.  This year we are the PROUD event sponsor.

Please come join us for this incredible concert.  Tyler, Brandon & Cody will be there with their entire families!!!  

Did you know that the Lafayette Citizens Band was formed in 1842!  That’s not a typo – come watch this amazing concert with us!

Do Something Good

Memorial Day Memories


Thoughts from the Pickup Line

Our NEW podcast

Episode #3 is our best.  It will be released on iTunes and Spotify.  READ MORE



Read from BBK’s experts in their latest publications

Interested in refianacing?  Possibly an alternative to a traditional mortgage?  Brandon offers his expert advice with PolicyGenius.


Interested in Crypto? 

Cody offered expert advice with The Penny Hoarder on gifting strategy.


Buy and Hold On (for Dear Life)

Possibly the most important thing for investors to remember is don’t panic. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile investment and these types of price swings are to be expected.  READ MORE

If suitable – these types of investments can be part of your portfolio as easily as baseball cards, google and Pokémon.  There are a lot of ways to diversify.  

I believe strongly that when done right you can expose a portfolio to any type of risk.

In case you missed it!  Cody Joins BBK 


Want to invest in digital currency?  Email tyler.smith@bbkwealth.com for more information.


Behavior Gap

Read Tyler’s latest commentary on the Behavior Gap.  

Each week Tyler Smith, founder of  BBK Wealth, will provide thoughtful and intelligent commentary on simple whiteboard illustrations.


Wait! What?

Ultimate DIY Guide

*NEW* BBK Wealth Data Gathering Checklist

Selling your home?  Worried about Taxes? Expert Advice by Cody Lachner

New Pokemon Set



I love college.  I love education.  Indiana’s 529 plan is incredible.  It’s May…

They have great resources to help too.  Amazing program.  Check out this old article on the cost of college…

College Funding is No Joke.


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