Make Memories

Tyler Smith 

May 30th 2022

Set yourself up for success

How to Make Lasting Memories

Seven Simple Ideas…

Make SEVERAL photo canvas’ (canvi*)

For real – over the years I feel like I do this only when shutterfly or snapfish have a discount.  What has it created? A decade’s worth of canvas or as I call it ‘An alternative photo bomb wall!’

All mis-matched, all stunning, all my memories.

Plant a Garden

With seeds…  nothing good is easy!

Oh man, is it too late?  Who cares!  Get seeds, get dirt, grow something!

Look Through Photo Albums

Memorial Day is here,  Keep it simple.  Dive into some old pictures…  Listen to an old story about a vet.

History is cool…

Why not learn about history?  I’m married to an American studies major.  Keep it simple.  WW2, a local city, a local charity, Janice Voss, NASA, etc…  

Collect Something

With someone.  Stamps, postcards, Pokemon, coins, hot wheels…

It’s fun and the best way to connect.  My advice – ask a kid what they want to collect!  You may end up with piles of rocks and piles of memories.


That’s it.  SING LOUD the next time you are at church.  The joy you’ll create…

Find a Way to Give Back

Everyone needs a hand…  But maybe not in the way you may normally think.  Call an old friend and ask them what they are into – this may really help focus what type of giving back you may like.


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LOVE Like a Champion

LIVE Like a Champion









Ask for focus if you need it – we are here for you.

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