Has my ID been stolen?

Has my identity been stolen? No. 

Why? I have no idea. 

Is it because of identity protection? Maybe – I’m willing to play it safe and have an ID program set up….

because —

Has my debit card been stolen? Yes.   Was their fraudulent activity? Yes. 

It was awful. I was 20 years old visiting my sister at Penn State. It was miserable taking care of locking down my accounts and then getting new ones. So I kind of get it if you’re going through something similar. 

No one enjoys an inconvenience and to make matters worse my fake ID was stolen too and I was broke because the kid at the bar that stole my debit card bought 5 cartons of cigarettes at 7/11.

This is a resource for:

– Ways to minimize cyber threats
– Tips to identify common scams
– Steps to take if a client suspects unlawful activity

CURRENT CLIENTS – ask about your identity protection program

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