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About our podcast ‘Thoughts from the Pickup Line’ 

We are excited to bring our perspective, guidance, and protection to you in the form of a bi-weekly podcast series.  Hosts Tyler Smith and Brandon Gregg will share their thoughts on health and wealth, planning and investments, and our inspirations that keep us going each day, our families.

We are two dads that are blessed enough to pickup our kids from school and we share our thoughts together as we sit in the ‘pickup line’.


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Episode #1 Show Notes

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This week on the financial planning front, Tyler and BG think about the ever-rising cost of college, and go in-depth on 529 college savings accounts: why they’re better than regular savings accounts, and what makes Indiana’s 529 rules so special.

Tyler and BG take a minute to stop and think about the things that are bringing them joy as of late: the fierce Wordle competition they have going, their mutual love of axe throwing, Tyler’s newfound love of Pokémon, and why they’re a great investment.

Car technology is evolving quickly, and Tyler and BG are loving Tesla and Ford in particular for their client portfolios. Listen to them discuss their thoughts on why these two are the front runners, and which is the most promising.

To close out the episode, Tyler and BG share their Dad of the Year Moves, what they’re grateful for—and an exciting announcement from BG!

Key moments in this episode:
0:00 Intro
1:10 Checking In
2:30 Why Thoughts From the Pickup Line?
9:25 What Is a 529 and Why Should You Invest In One?
16:27 Wordle Wars
20:03 Axe Throwing for Stress Relief
22:51 Pokémon As An Investment
28:39 Investments We Currently Like
32:30 Dad Of The Year Moves and Announcements
38:11 Outro

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