Frequently Asked Questions

Many folks come to us with questions about our firm, including how we work and how we’re different from other investment advisors. Why BBK?

For your convenience, we have developed a list of the most common questions our prospective clients ask during their search for an advisor.

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BBK Wealth LLC is a registered investment advisor with the state of Indiana.  We provide investment management advice and financial planning services.  We uphold the industry’s highest standard of fiduciary care and help investors reach their long term goals through an intentional and thoughtful financial planning process.

When you hire BBK to help manage your money and protect your wealth, you can expect a personalized, rewarding experience that is more than just financial planning.


BBK’s approach to asset management starts with what matters to you most. We help our clients reach their investment goals through custom portfolios built with a diversified global approach to asset and style allocation.

Other advisors may offer pre-made portfolios or strategies based on a single style of investing. That means you’re getting the same advice as everyone else, regardless of your situation.

Unfortunately, some may consider just your age or risk tolerance, not at BBK Wealth.  We learn about your goals, financial needs, health, age, family circumstances and more.  Including what brings you joy!

We approach communication differently, too. You’ll hear from BBK regularly—not just when markets are doing well.

While others may avoid the call when markets are turbulent, we’ll be in touch, letting you know what’s happening with your portfolio.

Through custom portfolio management, we help families and individuals around the country reach their long-term financial goals.

Our primary offices are located in Lafayette, IN and Fishers, IN.   You can also meet with us virtually by scheduling here.

As a client, you will benefit from a comprehensive, personalized financial plan helping you confidently save, spend and invest.

Communication and service are specific to your needs.

In addition, we can help with financial planning, budgeting, cash-flow analysis, estate and tax planning, and strategies for maximizing Social Security benefits.

Beyond investing and financial planning, we want to help make you a more aware, disciplined and informed investor.

That’s why you’ll have a dedicated BBK Wealth advisor on your team to help you understand what’s going on in your account—and why.

Your advisor stays in touch consistently through up and down markets and is also your dedicated resource for all financial service related questions.

Learn more about what we offer here.

Unlike some advisors, we don’t earn commissions on trades. Instead, we use a fee structure that’s based on your financial situation.  This means we’re always focused on your best interests, and when you do better we do better.  As a team – we work toward what matters to you most.

Our fee structure has two components;  we offer both financial planning services and investment management.  Please reach out to a BBK advisor for specifics on what we could provide for your situation.  There is no long term commitment required by BBK.  We believe by working as a team – we will succeed together.

Learn more about our fees and relationships here.

BBK Wealth takes an active, disciplined and global approach to managing money. We learn about your unique goals and needs, or suitability, so we can create a unique portfolio for you.

Your investment objectives and our market outlook help determine your asset allocation—your mix of stocks, bonds, cash or other securities.

As market conditions or your objectives change, we may adjust your assets to keep your portfolio positioned to meet your long-term objectives as well as support your cash flow.

We thoughtfully and intelligently analyze markets, choose tactical investment categories and then choose individual stocks, bonds or other securities for your portfolio.

Our custom, disciplined and global approach to wealth management has helped our clients nationwide plan for their financial future with confidence.

BBK Wealth was founded in May of 2020.  We have proudly built custom portfolios since we opened and will continue to do so.  If you are interested in our current recommendations, reach out to  BBK advisor for a custom report.

BBK Wealth focuses on families with planning or investment management needs. We do not have a minimum investment. 

BBK prospective clients do not need to worry about investment minimums.  We have programs in place to insure all who are brave enough to ask for help will receive the respect and care they deserve.

We’re dedicated to serving clients who have worked hard throughout their lives with investment advice, custom designs and ongoing support communication.

You can become a client by contacting or calling us today at (317) 499-1696. We’d be happy to speak with you and discuss what matters most to you.

We will guide you through every step of becoming a new client. Our hands-on approach and process is proven and intentional.  It respects your time, keeps you informed and reduces the amount of paperwork you need to fill out.


*NEW* Clients can complete onboarding digitally.  Ask a BBK advisor about how.

BBK is an independent wealth management company.  This independence allows a nearly endless menu of investment options.

BBK specializes in custody of traditional assets, digital assets, and retirement assets.

Reach out now to learn more

We take your security and privacy seriously.  BBK Wealth has implemented a multi-layered security protocol.  In collaboration with our partners – know that you are being protected.  Learn more below

Learn how BBK works with Schwab to protect you!

First, your BBK advisor serves as your primary point of contact who knows you and your personal situation. If your advisor receives an abnormal request, he or she will put it on hold until he or she can obtain confirmation from you.

In addition, BBK Wealth is supported by comprehensive data management systems and security policies to protect client data from external and internal threats.

When you choose BBK Wealth, we manage your investments, but your assets are held by a third-party custodian. SCHWAB

Using a third-party custodian helps in reducing conflicts of interest and promotes transparency.

We also support a relationship with Pontera and Onramp.  These third party relationships allow us to provide active management and monitoring of all your accounts.

Lastly, rest assured we never share or sell your name for marketing purposes.

Please email us at with any questions, comments or concerns.

Also, learn more about BBK Wealth, here.

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