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The markets were tough last year.  Read More…

Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement

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Medicare has made changes that retiree need to know.  Read more about Medicare’s new program – post Inflation Reduction Act 

What is a stress test?  Why is it important?

BBK Wealth provides every client with a stress tested portfolio.  We enhance traditional portfolio management with a deeper focus on risk.  Why wait?  We can provide a stress test at no cost.  Please allow us the chance to show you why we are making it easier than ever to manage and understand your investments.

BBK is an independent wealth management company.  We pride ourselves on providing more than financial planning.  Learn more about how on our FAQs page – learn more about why by visiting our bios

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Financial Planning

Brandon Gregg – Let It Save: Your Ultimate Holiday Budget Plan

MoneyGeek asks for Brandon’s expertise AGAIN
Financial Planning

The problem with confirmation bias

Predict your future? or Make it?
Financial Planning

The complex middle between “simplicity” and “elegant simplicity”

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Indiana 529 Changes

Indiana 529 Changes
Financial Planning

Secure Act Update

SECURE Act 2.0 changes

Year End Tax Opportunities

You have until December 31st!