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Welcome to BBK’s thoughts page.  Here you will find our latest news, resources and thoughts.  

BBK is a wealth management company that serves families.  We all have families, some BIG.  We want to see them all live in retirement with pride, dignity, and financial security.

We NEVER want anyone to be harmed or left out in the cold because they did not trust the right team to manage their wealth.  We’re passionate about that.  We are committed to that.


The difference between real life and an algorithm

Humans don’t really fit into an algorithm.  Especially when it comes to $$$!  Read more here

Build your plan - YOUR way

Tyler Smith, BBK advisor, has opened up the calendar for working sessions again.  Read more…

2022 Tax Prep Guide or Cheat Sheet

Does worrying help?

Here’s a list of all the things helped through worrying…  Read more.

Health Insurance can be really tough.  Want a little a help – check out our information here!

You have an opportunity, if you are thoughtful, to finish financially strong.  Want a little a help – check out our information here!

Brandon Gregg weighs in his opinion with the MoneyGeek team.  Want to read more – click here!