What Happened Yesterday?

Our plan for volatility (investments and emotions)

If you looked at your portfolio yesterday morning…  you may have had some questions and concerns.

Followed by – a sigh of relief in the afternoon.  The S&P 500 and NASDAQ both lost 4% intraday and finished the day positive.  WHAT?!?!  

It did not set a record for volatility but was one of the largest single day market swings we have ever seen.

Volatility is tough – it creates a seed of anxiety or doubt.  We feel that as well.   We’ve created a few talking points and a video to hopefully put your concerns at ease.


Stick with your plan 

When you began investing or planning, it was with the intent of making the best decisions at the time to be prepared for the future.  We would have been laughed out of a room if we said we would have wild volatility, soaring inflation and a global pandemic five years ago.

AND those decisions originally made were not wrong.  They were intelligent, intentional and thoughtful.  Allowing doubt or anxiety into the plan is not necessary.  It will constantly evolve because you work with us. 

As the market demonstrated yesterday – it may be a choppy ride this year.  That being said – we are steadfast in our recommendations and will continue to recommend folks maintain their positions.  We are prepared for the volatility and continually evaluate options to reduce volatility and promote diversification.  


COVID has been here for 2 years – we are better now!

It’s hard to believe COVID started about 2 years ago.  Do you remember how strange the world felt then?  Did you sell?  Did the markets rebound?

Check out the stats on the right – it does not seem quite as bad with REAL information.

Finally – you are not alone.  We are here with you.  Easy questions or tough questions – if you are brave enough to ask we are kind enough to answer.




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